jeudi 28 novembre 2019

What makes a cognitive system different?

What makes a cognitive system different?

computing systems of the past have operated in predictable environments using structured and uniform data to perform prescribed operations now we have cognitive computing systems which are much more adaptable and similar to a human brain can understand reason and learn these systems can read vast amounts of unstructured data and use it to spot connections and patterns in new ways

offering insight into all kinds of human expression cognitive systems are built
on several underlying technologies let's take a look at two first natural language processing starts with understanding this system needs tounderstand human language in context as opposed to structured tables this natural language processing pulls information from articles research reports emails tweets even images and sounds to identify the significant
grammar context and vocabulary that carry core meaning second there's machine learning 

What makes a cognitive system different?

a technique in which the system spots connections between a particular pattern and the most likely outcomes the system receives feedback from regular use so it learns from every
interaction each prediction it makes whether right or wrong is taken into account for the next prediction until it can reliably spot the meaningful patterns through all the noise with these technologies .

a cognitive system doesn't offer one definitive answer instead it is designed to weigh the
information and ideas from many sources to reason and then offer rationales for its conclusions this makes it more than just a tool that enables you but a trusted advisor you

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