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What is Telecommunication Engineering? What does Telecommunications Engineering mean?

What is Telecommunication Engineering? What does Telecommunications Engineering mean?

telecommunications engineering or telecoms engineering is an engineering discipline that brings together all electrical engineering disciplines including computer engineering with
systems engineering to enhance telecommunication systems the work ranges from basic circuit design to strategic mass developments a telecommunication engineer is responsible for designing and overseeing.

Telecommunications Engineering

the installation of telecommunications equipment and facilities such as complex electronic switching systems copper wire telephone facilities fiber optics cabling IP data systems terrestrial radio link systems for conventional communications and process information telecommunication engineering also overlaps heavily with broadcast.

engineering telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering which is connected to electronics civil structural and electrical engineering ultimately telecom engineers are responsible for providing the method for customers to have telephone and high-speed data services it helps people who are closely working in political and social fields as well accounting and project management telecom engineers use a variety of equipment and transport media available from a multitude of manufacturers to design the telecom network infrastructure the most common media used by wired telecommunications companies today are copper wires coaxial cable and fiber optics.

telecommunications engineers use their technical expertise to also provide a range of services and engineering solutions revolving around Wireless mode of communication and other information transfer such as wireless telephony services radio and satellite
communications internet and broadband technologies most of the telecom Engineers work is carried out on a project basis with tight deadlines and well-defined milestones for the delivery of project objectives telecommunication engineers are involved across all
aspects of service delivery from carrying out feasibility exercises and determining connectivity to preparing detailed technical and operational documentation this often leads to creative solutions to problems that often would have been designed differently without the budget constraints dictated by modern society.

in the earlier days of the telecom industry massive amounts of cable were placed that were never used or have been replaced by modern technology such as fiber optic cable and digital multiplexing techniques telecom engineers are also responsible for overseeing the company's records of equipment and facility assets their work directly impacts assigning appropriate accounting codes for taxes and maintenance purposes budgeting and overseeing projects.

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