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What is a VPN and How Does it Work? ssl vpn

What is a VPN and How Does it Work? ssl vpn

you have probably heard of vpn it is even possible that you in have already been using that said do you know what they serve vpn means network virtual private.

it is software that ensures your online privacy originally the vpn security is used that in the professional setting when large companies organizations or government wanted to secure their data as people work remotely and had need to connect to the internet.

ssl vpn

it was necessary that the companies provide a secure connection without what they were at the mercy of hacking or other data loss nowadays everyone uses a ssl vpn and especially because is guaranteed and ensures our confidentiality data encryption as well as our anonymity online but how
works a vpn take a step back to understand how does the internet work.

when you visit a website such that facebook you enter a name of field  this domain is basically a nickname which replaces the ip address of the site web but ip address being like your address but instead of being made of a name of happy she contains numbers as it is much easier to get remember a name rather than a series of numbers we give a name of domain to every website and a server translates your computer also to a IP adress

ssl vpn

as are all the devices they surf the internet when you enter a domain name on your browser that you use chrome firefox or internet explorer you send your data on the internet until she finds a server thisserver will then translate the data and you are returning the website you have request the problem is that when you send these data to the server you send him your ip address as well as a lot other children it's at this point that hackers can intercept your information imagine that you are enough in a
coffee and you use a wifi network public on your phone.

to check your bank account another person using a laptop can easily get connect to the network and seize your Passwords email and any other information which you have, however, if you use a browser vpn nobody will be able to access this data the websites you visit may folder collect your information
but when they do it is usually to study their demographic segment this is rarely a problem but may that sometimes where you protect them your identity and your privacy from then on we could ask ourselves how a vpn network can protect the confidentiality when you send information in
line in bpm create a tunnel that encrypt your information 

browser vpn

so that's somebody's part of your data he will not be able to read them the tunnel also complicates piracy in but do not fool yourself this remains possible although more difficult a vpn adds also an additional server we have already explained how your data are sent from your computer to a server that goes next you are returning the website however if you use it a vpn tunnel your data is first sent to flavors of vpn then to the website this extra step helps to many ways starting with modify your geolocation indeed a lot of websites from streaming video like netflix and hulu distribute their content according to your geolocation let's say that you want to watch your favorite show on netflix but that it is not available in your country if you send your information to one of the vpn proxy based in the united states this server will send them to the website of netflix netflix now believes that you are in the united states and you can watch your issue without a problem a vpn does believe in the websites that you are in another country because the signal comes another clever server is this
not changed geolocation can also be useful when you want to book a hotel or a flight in research has shown that hotel rates and airline tickets varies according to your location and in vpn proxy potentially make you not hurt savings let's go back now to your confidentiality have previously explained that web sites sometimes collected your data and well governments can often required this information used the ip address list to determine your location but with a vpn of collected information will stop at flavors of vpn and they will not be able follow you to your IP address golden cool is not it many vpn server or also a policy of no data retention which means that it does not record the sites that you are visiting

so if the government asks for a vpn service to provide him your navigation history the information will not be available ssl vpn are very useful to protect your privacy line and this by changing your location encrypting your data and ensuring your privacy it's no wonder so many people we use nowadays.

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