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10 Easy Internet Tricks You Wish You Knew Soonerin 2019!

10 Easy Internet Tricks You Wish You Knew Soonerin 2019!

we all browse the internet every day and there are several things we all can do to make navigating the internet a little easier in this video I'll show you ten tips and tricks for use on the internet that some of you may already know along with some that you wish you knew sooner most of these tips and tricks will help to increase your productivity and I'll show you some fun stuff as well that's coming up next on tech gumbo. 

Internet Tricks

2. tabbed browsing

tabbed browsing

there are times that opening a new tab is convenient so you can easily go backto the primary page you're reading without losing your position in the page this is where tabbed browsing can be useful here are a couple methods to open up a new tab so find a link on your keyboard hold down control and left click on your mouse and that will open up a new tab for you in addition if your mouse has a wheel you can highlight a link and depress the wheel and that will also open up a new tab for you to open up a blank tab on your keyboard press ctrl + T and now you have a new blank tab now I'm going to close out a couple of these tabs I have opened up if you accidentally close out a tab without meaning to an easy way to get it back is on your keyboard select ctrl shift + T all at the same time an old restore the ast tab that you had opened up one way to ensure that you don't accidentally close out a tab is to pin a tab and this works on most browsers so right-click on any open tab and select pin tab and all most browsers that tab will stay there* even when you close out your browser and if you want to unpin the tab just right click it again and select unpin tab if you ever run into those situations when you open up a web page and music or audio starts playing you can mute the tabs so select the tab and select mute tab those are just a few of the tips forusing tabbed browsing .

2. calculator 


now most of us know that Google search has a built in calculator what many people don't know is that it also has a built-in tip calculator which is useful at restaurants so you'll most likely use this function on your mobile device and here's how it works you can either type in or say what is the tip on $94 and 23 cents a 15% tip would be 14 dollars and 14 cents you can just go over here to the tip percentage and you can add or subtract based on how well your server performed that's how you use the tip calculator.

3. browser


notepad instead of just opening aseparate program for taking notes youcould just use your browser just put this text into your address bar and then hit enter then just type away alternately here's the text you can put into the address bar for night mode for
the notepad which is easier on the eyes and now you can't see all of it here so I'll provide text for both modes in the description it would be advised to create a bookmark for the browser notepad if you plan on using it on a regular basis the great thing is this works on all browsers and you can even save the page if you need to refer back to your notes or edit your notes.

4. Google timer 

Google timer

if you need a quick timer or stopwatch in the search bar just type Google timer
and then just set your timer manually I'll do it here for ten minutes then select start or you can just type or say the amount of time you would like on the timer like this set the timer for five minutes it will automatically start the timer for you

5. incognito browsing 

incognito browsing

this mode is useful if you don't want your browser to store the history of what you've
browsed it will also not keep temporary files and does not allow cookies to open an incognito window in chrome select the setting menu in the upper right hand corner then select new incognito window incognito mode goes by different names on other browsers for example in Firefox you would select new private window private browsing mode is great for
hiding details which is especially useful on public computers .

6. YouTube TV mode

YouTube TV mode

if you've ever watched YouTube on a smart TV gaming console Roku or any other streaming device then you've noticed YouTube has a much different look than on a personal computer to get that same look on a desktop or laptop PC in the address bar type in forward slash TV then hit enter now you can navigate the screen just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the video hit enter to play the highlighted video YouTube has a new dark mode for PCs but I still prefer this layout .

7. bacon number 

bacon number

most of you are familiar with the United States actor Kevin Bacon from films such as Footloose Apollo 13 and many others there was a book and parlor game that came out years ago called the six degrees of Kevin Bacon the vacant number is the number of degrees of separation a celebrity is from directly working with Kevin Bacon here's how it works in google search you just select the name of a celebrity first of all select Tom Hanks so just type in Tom Hanks bacon number and Tom Hanks bacon number is one they both appeared in Apollo 13 now I'll select a celebrity that's not an actor or actress the Lady Gaga here looks like her bacon number is two that looks like Lady Gaga Marissa Tomei appeared in Lady Gaga presents the Monster Ball tour and Marissa coming and Kevin Bacon appeared in Crazy Stupid Love the challenge is to  find a celebrity whose bacon number is higher than three .

8. browser shortcuts 

browser shortcuts

here are some more keyboard shortcuts for use in most browsers when navigating the internet to move the cursor to the address bar you could select Alt + D or ctrl + L to increase or decrease the size of the page hold down the control button and then + at the same time to decrease the size of the page control and the minus key to go back a page hold down Alt + the left arrow to go forward a page Alt + the right arrow and to reload a web page you can hit f5 on your keyboard or ctrl + R .

9. search for our media player

search for our media player

instead of opening your favorite media player software you can just drag and drop a video file on your computer into the browser window this one only seems to work with Chrome and opera I'm sure some of you will let me know if this works with the more obscure browsers here's how it works I'll just click and drag a movie over from another window and drop it here in the browser and it will automatically start playing this also works with mp3 music files and images as well so the next time you don't feel like opening your media player software just use your browser as your media player .

10. Google search games

Google search games

now we'll finish this video with some games that can be found by using Google search most of you should know these so this is more of a refresher of what games are still playable these games are easy to figure out so I'll just show you the search terms first one here is solitaire next one up is tic-tac-toe for my friends in the UK you can just search
knots and crosses and get the exact same game one of my all-time favorites pac-man it's still playable through google search another good time waster is google doodle snake and then just let the first link here at the top next one up is Google Doodle spooky cat just like the last one select the first link and the last one can be found through image
search so select images and then type Atari breakout that concludes this list of internet tricks.

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